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Compress files into a zip archive.

Name Description
CompressionLevel One of the enumeration values that indicates whether to emphasize speed or compression.
ContinueOnError If set, continue executing the remaining activities even if the current activity has failed.
FilesCount Returns the amount of files added to zip archive.
ShortEntryNames When true, reduces the entry names when it is coming from different root paths.
TextEncoding The encoding to use when writing entry names in this archive. Specify a value for this parameter only when an encoding is required for interoperability with zip archive tools and libraries that do not support UTF-8 encoding for entry names.
ToCompress The path of the file(s) or folder(s) that will be compressed. Can be a string or a collection of strings.
ZipFilePath The path of the zip archive.

You can specify a single or multiple files and folders to be compressed on .ToCompress property:

Compressing specific files:

  • "C:\Temp\file1.docx"
  • { "C:\Temp\file1.docx", "C:\Temp\file2.xlsx" }

Compressing folders:

  • "C:\Temp\Documents"
  • { "C:\Temp\Documents", "C:\Temp\Images", "C:\Temp\Musics" }

Mixing Files and Folders:

  • { "C:\Temp\file1.docx", "C:\Temp\Musics", "C:\Temp\Images\avagar.png" }