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Wait File

Waits until the file be available.

Name Description
ContinueOnError If set, continue executing the remaining activities even if the current activity has failed.
FilePath The storage path of the file.
Interval Specifies the amount of time (in milliseconds) for the file re-check. Any value less than 50 will be clamped to 50. Make sure to keep this value lesser than Timeout value.
Result The FileInfo object of the respective file when found.
Timeout The maximum time to wait (in milliseconds) the operation to complete.
WaitForExist Waits until the file exists.

There are two very common situations where we can use this activity.

  • Waiting for some downloading file be completed.
  • Waiting for some file in use for another person or process be released.


For files that you can't determine the name, Wait Dynamic File suits better.