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Aggregates the DataTable data by the specified function resulting in a DataRow, product of this aggregation.

Name Description
Columns The column indexes or column names to apply the aggregation. If not specified, the aggregation will be applied in all possible columns.
Function The aggregate function.
DataTable The data table which the aggregate function will be applied.
Result An object array containing the result of the aggregation.


Some aggregate functions are applied just to numeric values while others are applied to all value types, e.g. DistinctCount.


Let's consider the below input DataTable for instance:

Product Quantity Total ID
P-001 1000 200.25 754
P-002 1000 300.50 833
P-003 500 400.00 212

Below is the result of Sum and DistinctCount aggregations:

Function Result (Object's Array)
Sum [ , 2500, 900.75, 1799 ]
DistinctCount [ 3, 2, 3, 3 ]

Note that for Sum aggregation, only columns with numeric values has results.
Columns that can't be aggregate by some Function result in null values.

We can target specific columns by using the Columns property.
For example, setting the value to: {"Quantity", "Total Price"} or {2, 3}, only these columns are affected:

[ , 2500, 900.75, ]

The result output is an array of objects.

So, if we want add it back to the DataTable as a summary row, just pass it to ArrayRow property of the UiPath's Add Data Row Activity.